Electro Swing Club – 21st May 2016

People who come to this Electro Swing club absolutely love it. We have arranged the absolute Don and Donnas of the genre. We stick two fingers to the mainstream and tell those Ditchers (Shoreditchers ) come find the real Hackney right here!


Jenova Collective –
There’s bidding war amongst the majors, there’s festivals like Boomtown Fair and Bearded Theory Festival going nuts for these guys. We welcome them to our I ♥ Hackney home

Captain Flatcap –
Much more than a headwear, these guys , are siblings with the a great big booming fire beneath them, fat beats mixed with antique feats of musical jumpingness . We love these guys , fresh from their Electro Swing Australia tour.

Dj Chris Tofu –
Shangri La @ Glastonbury Festival director, Vintage Remix with Island Records , founder of Electro Swing Club worldwide and all round toking jumping drum n bass swing and vintage fanatic.

Lucia Decermic –
Stranger Than Paradise dj from the left of the leftfield, super queen of Vintage and Electro Swing with more quirk than a crazy golf course.


ONLY £5 – dress code is not strict but there are prizes for the best dressed.

21st May 2016
10pm – 3am
Bedroom Bar
 – 62 Rivington St, EC2A 3AY London, United Kingdom


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